Spiritual Experience

Now imagine yourself treading along a dark mountain path, with nothing to guide you there, except those jubilant Angelic lights dancing in the mist, each possessing unique effulgence. You notice soft auras emanating from the centre of each source as if they were gentle wings moving in circular motion.

Next picture yourself neither holding hands nor a thought for the future. A gaze around brings an excited acknowledgement from the radiant blazes that burn more passionately now, who then disperse very quickly and again rearrange themselves into an unspeakably stunning display.

The sounds and the strange rhythm of this exquisiteness capture your entire soul. And as the heart feasts on these delights, your mind turns void of all but one pleasurable thought, 'Could this be Paradise? If not, wish life ended here, now.'

All of a sudden, it's dawn and you realise the truth - you have experienced the grace of the Lord.

'Transhumanize'---it cannot be explained per verba, so let this example serve until God's grace grants the experience. - Dante Alighieri